In 2016, nearly twice as many people died from opioid abuse than gun deaths. Still, opioids receive a much smaller stage when it comes to public opinion and legislation.

That being said, for the first time in my lifetime, there is scrutiny that is coming online nationally about the epidemic of opioid pain usage and how it seems to have gotten out of control. 

Its freaking out of control the use of narcotics in our country. Regulations should be coming that would make it more difficult for doctors to write prescriptions. It’s so abundantly out of control that it's going to get tighter. The circumstances for writing prescriptions will have to be much more specific and monitoring will be put in place that should help control this.

People genuinely don't love getting shots and taking medication. They'd rather not, and that’s what I do every single day is try to help people avoid that stuff if they can and still maintain active lifestyles. Not to say that surgery isn't necessary from time to time, and we'll help people recover from that when it's necessary, but if there's a way to avoid surgery, pain killers, and the like, why wouldn't you seek out that alternative first?


-Mark Bengtson, MPT, Owner

Pinnacle Physical Therapy