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What Our Patients Are Saying

Please tell us how physical therapy has helped you.


"After knee replacement surgery I began P.T. I walked in with a walker, and a very swollen, bandaged leg. I had pain, no range-of-motion, a non-functioning leg, weak muscles, etc. 
3 months later, I walk well, no limp, no pain, little to no swelling and range-of-motion of 130-135! I have resumed all my daily activities." CS


What did you like most about Pinnacle Physical Therapy?

"The way they always challenged me to do more and push through the pain. The staff is amazing, every one of them. An awesome experience. I am so grateful!!" CS


"PT has helped me return to full strength after my lower back surgery. The rehab instruction made sure I rehabbed safely. My back feels strong and healthy and ready for a new life." BS


"I feel like I have tools to improve and strengthen my knee. The pain has diminished a great deal. I sleep comfortably now without meds." SG


"When I first started PT I could not lay down at all. I was unable to live life as I had before. PT has helped me to learn how to stretch properly and engage the correct muscles. PT has also helped me to be able to workout and stretch correctly. I can now wake up each day without pain and I have a great understanding of how important Pt is." LM


"I felt like there was always a cloud over me. I couldn't hardly run or squat, but with Mark's help and determination I got through it. The greatest thing about this place is that you can really feel the determination in the staff to get you better." CS 


"I came to Pinnacle after 2+ weeks of medication wasn't working. Though the process was slow at first, about a month of no noticeable progress, I started to see improvement. Shawna is very encouraging and would explain the process my body was going through. After a month and a half there was a noticeable difference. I'm still not pain free but I see an end now! Pinnacle and all of the employees are amazing!" CR


"PT has helped me to walk and move correctly. Before I came in, everything hurt, exercise is very important to me and I was hurting more than the usual "High" I have from exercise. I can now hike, snowshoe, take long walks and interval train on the treadmill. I really thought of every excuse to not be on the treadmill, no excuse now. I am going longer with ease and good movement and comfort." SP


 "Physical therapy has helped with the healing and strength process for my ankle. What has turned out to be just valuable is that Mark recognized an imbalance in my hips and leg that was just as important to correct so that my ankle could fully heal and be strong. The crew here have all been helpful and know what needs to be done. Bottom line I feel like I will be stronger and more balanced than before my accident." SH


Did You Know?

Injury prevention is a huge part of what a patient will learn when they come to physical therapy.