Address the root of the pain for lasting relief

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We as humans are notorious for working through and around pain, to ensure our daily lives are not affected. However, when a body part is injured, avoiding stress on that area will often result in complications in other parts of the body.  For example, it is not uncommon for people experiencing hip pain to develop a limp or a change in walking pattern. Such compensations may offer some relief to the injured area, but oftentimes result in sore or injured muscles in the knee and back areas.


A compensation commonly seen in those who suffer from hip pain is an exaggerated forward lean which can ease the pain in the hips, but can compromise the back. If the hip pain is not addressed early, more serious back issues may result, including osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease.


Physical therapists are specialists in the evaluation of body mechanics. Often times the area that experiences discomfort is not the root of the pain. However, physical therapists are able to work with an individual to identify and treat not only the pain, but also the underlying cause. Addressing the underlying cause of a patient’s pain allows the patient to feel relief sooner and decreases the likelihood that patient will return with the same condition in the future. 


By taking this approach to treating your pain, you would be educated in how your body is functioning.  Should your symptoms return in the future, Pinnacle’s goal is that a you would be well equipped to treat your pain or condition with exercises and tools received during your physical therapy.

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