Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

50-70% of women experience back pain during pregnancy


Causes Treatment* Plan of Care
Increase in hormones              Pain's typical triggers        Certified Professional
Decline in proper posture    Posture  Focus on building strength
Added stress Joint alignment Increasing flexibility
Pressure from the fetus muscle strength Improving posture
Nerve compression** Flexibility Incorporate home based Exercises
Pelvic joint pain Nerve Involvement Identifies any muscle weaknesses
Foot/ankle pain Stabilization Exercises Creates exercise plan 
abdominal pain/scar pain Core exercises Walking
Diastasis Recti Lower back movement Yoga
Heartburn Heat / Ice Swimming
Carpal tunnel Manual therapy Core exercises


*No modalities are used, such as: Ultrasound or electronic stimulation

**Nerve Compression includes: Tendonitis, circulatory problems and spinal problems