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  • When I developed vertigo for the first time in my life it was extremely frightening. I ended up in the emergency room at the hospital. They did nothing for me. I could hardly walk without feeling I was going to black out. After going to Pinnacle they assured me through their methods of therapy I could get better, which I have and I am beginning to live a normal life again!
  • I couldn’t run before physical therapy, and I must say I had difficulty doing many tasks such as walking before, but now I can run long distances and walk virtually pain free.
  • When I came in I could not put weight on my left leg, walk with a walker or anything. Now I can walk without even a cane. My leg is more flexible and stronger. I can do most household tasks and get around well at work.
  • When I came in I was miserable, I could hardly move. The pain in my back did not let up no matter what I did. Now I can move! My back only gives me slight trouble when I overdo it. My hip feels much better and aches less. I feel stronger. I am feeling so much better and am using this as a starting point to getting healthy.