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Nichole visited Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Post Falls, ID over the years for IT band issues and worked on strengthening to eventually work her way into a new personal record in the Ironman 70.3 race after multiple children.

We’re different here, and we’re proud of it.

We believe in seeing our community healthy and active. We strive to fight back against opioids, injections, and surgery through an advanced regimen of stretches, exercises, strengthening, and manual therapy techniques that are all-natural, long-lasting, and keep you enjoying the beauty around us.

When you’ve had an injury, surgery, or just need some help getting stronger, we’re here to get you back to enjoying life. We are the experts that specialize in keeping you moving.

We focus on education, cutting-edge techniques, and individualized care to offer you the best physical therapy in Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, and throughout North Idaho.


Free Educational Classes Coming up at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Post Falls, ID

Learn from doctor Stefanie Wren, DPT, PT Tue, September 24th at 6:00 p.m.

Learn from doctor Stefanie Wren, DPT, PT Tue, September 24th at 6:00 p.m.

Learn from expert doctor Jim Behrens, DPT, PT Wed, Oct 8th at 6:00 p.m.

Learn from expert doctor Jim Behrens, DPT, PT Wed, Oct 8th at 6:00 p.m.



Hamstring Injury - Post Falls, ID


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We were voted Best Physical Therapy Clinic of 2018 and 2019. We are the top-rated clinic on Google in all of North Idaho thanks to the thousands of people we’ve helped since 2004.



Our therapists are devoted to educating our patients. You will learn the details of your condition, how specific exercises are helping you, how long you can expect to be in therapy, and what you'll be back to doing after treatment.


Home Exercise Program

 Great therapy extends beyond our office. Our therapists will work to develop you a customized home exercise program complete with video examples and step-by-step instructions accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone.


1 on 1 Care

You're important to us. We take the time to give you the 1 on 1 care you deserve and develop a personalized care plan to get you back to action as quickly as possible.

How We've Helped Real People

Success is the cornerstone of our practice.

We are passionate about healing people in our community and relieving them of pain. Whether it's back, spine, neck, hips, or knee injuries, we've helped hundreds of people get back to life as it once was. Here are their real stories and photos.



I had surgery on my neck in January 2018. I ended up with spinal fusion. I knew about Pinnacle because we had Mark work on me in the past for back problems. I know the quality and thoroughness of Mark and his practice so I requested him on my own. I spoke with my surgeon and she agreed that Mark was the best.

I was concerned that I may not ever return to my duties as a the firefighter due to the extensive surgery, but Mark and his staff assured me I would return and did great in getting me back into shape in record time! Love those guys. 


Crystal first came to us after experiencing severely limited range of motion in her shoulder as well as intense pain. After a thorough evaluation from Collin Zimmerman, PT, DPT, it was determined that she had an accute case of sub-acromial bursitis.

Mark Bengtson, our owner, collaborated with her doctor to get her an injection so that she would be able to tolerate manual physical therapy techniques and begin physical therapy. Just two days after the injection, Crystal had experienced marked pain relief and worked with our team to start improving her Range of Motion (ROM).

Previously, she was only able to lift her arm a few inches from her body, now she has full shoulder ROM, is able to work around her home and is able to cook pain-free. Not only was her range of motion restored, she now has more than ever before!



Earlier this summer, an MRI showed I had a partially detached hamstring that was caused from a fall during a softball game. The injury was from Sept. of 2017 and the delay meant surgery was out.

My family doctor, Dr. Drury, recommended Pinnacle Physical Therapy. When I started therapy I could not run, walking hurt, climbing stairs was very painful, sitting in my pickup was very painful, my leg hurt all the time and I could not Barefoot Waterski.

Then, one night I had a heart attack. Summer, the Clinical Coordinator, was great! She called me to see how I was as I recovered. I then went back to physical therapy and now am completely pain-free, playing softball, and most importantly Barefoot Waterskiing again.

I cannot say enough great things about Jim, Rick, and Summer. Jim and Rick made sure to work with me to the best of my ability and the results could not be better. The complete staff at Pinnacle are there to make a person better. They did really get me back on my feet as the photos show. Thanks for everything and I will certainly recommend them to anybody needing physical therapy! Keep on footn!

Be the next person we get to brag about and join thousands of people who are living life to the fullest.


Discovery Consultation

Having aches and pains from an injury? Striving for better movement and increased activity?

This no-cost 20-minute talk with our doctor will help you decide:

  1. Is physical therapy the right medical practice for your condition?

  2. How Pinnacle Physical Therapy can help you achieve your goals.

  3. What is the next step for getting back to living life pain-free.

No physician referral is required for this consultation, and in many cases, not for beginning treatment either.


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