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Eliminating Neck Pain and Headaches Naturally

  • Pinnacle Physical Therapy 1590 E Polston Ave Post Falls, ID 83854 (map)

Free Neck Pain and Headaches Workshop

Pinnacle Physical Therapy | Post Falls, ID

In this free workshop, neck pain and headache expert doctor, Stefanie Wren, DPT, PT, will be teaching you everything you need to know about how neck pain occurs, why headaches happen, and the top conservative treatments for these conditions without the use of medication, surgery, or injections.

What you’ll learn from the expert:

  • The top conservative treatments for neck pain and headaches without need for surgery or injections

  • Special techniques that are used to decrease neck pain and headaches including strain-counter-strain, trigger point release, and joint mobilizations of the spine

  • The importance of cervical endurance and strength to reduce future incidence of neck pain and headaches

  • How the shoulders and upper back can contribute to neck pain, making work and daily tasks more difficult

  • The different types of headaches and the 3 types that physical therapy is able to treat

Neck pain is a debilitating condition and most people don’t realize how simple it is to treat with a skilled plan from a physical therapist. Register for our free class to learn from the expert his top tips for treating neck pain and how physical therapy can be a fantastic solution for those experiencing a poor quality of life due to neck pain and headaches.

Space is limited to just 20 seats, so be sure to register now! We’ll save you a seat and follow up before the event as a reminder.

Stefanie Wren, DPT, PT

Stefanie Wren, DPT, PT

Free Neck Pain and Headaches Class at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Post Falls Idaho September 11th 2019

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