4 Questions Seniors Should Ask Themselves to Improve Their Life

Photo by  Eddy Klaus  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eddy Klaus on Unsplash

Guest post by Jason Lewis.

There are some aspects of aging that are out of your control. For the most part, however, the quality of life you have as a senior depends on the choices you make in your everyday life. Staying in control of your health, your body, and your mind are all essential steps in controlling your happiness. Here are questions you need to ask to make the most of the years ahead.

Is Your Health Care Coverage Really Enough?

If you want to stay happy, you need to stay healthy. As an older adult, that means checking in with your doctor and getting the essential medical care you need. But how can you cover the costs? You can start by getting familiar with Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. So much more than just basic Medicare, these Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage for costs associated with dental, vision, and other forms of care. These are costs not covered under Medicare, so learning about these plans could be beneficial to you. Medicare Advantage plans may also be helpful for paying for physical therapy costs if those expenses are capped by Medicare or if you want more flexibility in choosing the location of your therapy.

Are You Getting the Exercise You Need?

Now that you know how to make the most of your health care coverage, you should know how to make the most of your physical health. That starts with getting enough exercise to keep your heart, lungs, and brain working properly. You should always consult your doctor before beginning a physical fitness plan as a senior, but know that adults who get around 150 minutes of activity per week tend to live longer and feel healthier. You can break that up to around 20 to 30 minutes a day if that makes staying active easier. Seniors also need to incorporate some strength and balance training to help prevent falls. Yoga is a relaxing way to ease your mind and recharge your balance, so try a few senior-friendly poses a few times per week.

Do You Make Time for Hobbies and Interests You Love?

Fitness can be a healthy hobby for seniors. For better mental and physical health, however, you should try a few other wellness-boosting activities. If you want to get moving even more, try taking a dance class or growing a garden. Writing is a perfect hobby for seniors looking for stress relief, but spending time with pets can be mentally calming as well. In fact, owning pets can benefit older adults in more ways than just improving mental health. When you own a pet, you tend to get out and meet more people, but you also tend to get more of that healthy exercise mentioned above. Plus, pets give you one more reason to take control of your health.

How Are You Staying Connected to Loved Ones?

Having a pet can provide some social connection for seniors. However, the dangers of isolation are still pretty serious for older adults, especially when they live far from loved ones. When you feel cut off from friends and family, you are more likely to become depressed, but those feelings of depression that stem from social isolation can also be damaging to your physical health. Staying connected to the people you love can be a positive for both your physical and emotional stability, but how can you stay connected when you live far away? Well, social media has made social connections so much easier for seniors. Facebook is pretty easy to use, but you can also get a loved one to show you how to use it safely and securely.

Life really can get better with age, but it’s up to you to improve your quality of life by taking more control of the factors that influence your physical health. Know your Medicare coverage inside and out, live an active lifestyle, and stay connected to the people and things you love the most. Do these things and you are bound to thrive and enjoy your life more.