Dave Returns to Barefoot Waterskiing After Hamstring Injury

Dave on Hauser Lake Barefoot Waterskiing

Dave on Hauser Lake Barefoot Waterskiing

Dave came to us after injuring his hamstring. This unfortunate event prevented him from doing what he loves - Barefoot Waterskiing. At Pinnacle Physical Therapy, we love seeing our community get back to life and back to adventure. After Dave got back on the water, we sent our crew out to capture him enjoying his favorite hobby.

Earlier this summer, an MRI showed I had a partially detached hamstring that was caused from a fall during a softball game. The injury was from Sept. of 2017 and the delay meant surgery was out.

My family doctor, Dr. Drury, recommended Pinnacle Physical Therapy. When I started therapy I could not run, walking hurt, climbing stairs was very painful, sitting in my pickup was very painful, my leg hurt all the time and I could not Barefoot Waterski.

Then, one night I had a heart attack. Summer, the Clinical Coordinator, was great! She called me to see how I was as I recovered. I then went back to physical therapy and now am completely pain-free, playing softball, and most importantly Barefoot Waterskiing again.

I cannot say enough great things about Jim, Rick, and Summer. Jim and Rick made sure to work with me to the best of my ability and the results could not be better. The complete staff at Pinnacle are there to make a person better. They did really get me back on my feet as the photos show. Thanks for everything and I will certainly recommend them to anybody needing physical therapy! Keep on footn!

When you are enjoying what you love and injury happens, there’s nothing worse. Come see our team of experts to get you back on the road to recovery and enjoying life. We can chat with you for 20 minutes at no cost to go over what recovery looks like for you and how we will get there.