The Top 10 Excuses PT Patients Make

As you can imagine, we have heard a lot of excuses as to why people don’t go to physical therapy. We decided to compile the top 10 excuses, and break down exactly why they’re false.

1. “I don’t have the time.”

It’s a misconception that physical therapy consists of 2-3 visits to the therapist a week for hours each visit for months on end. Many people think that they will be given exercise routines that will take hours per day. Neither is true. We use an individualized one-on-one approach to patient care that has shown to get patients better faster with fewer PT visits needed. We also will tailor a home exercise program to each individual’s needs, making them manageable and convenient for patients. A few (2-4) key exercises that fix your musculoskeletal problems achieve the best long term results. In addition, we stress movement pattern changes, gait cues and postural awareness changes that accompany your everyday life and don’t take extra time to restore more optimal patterns/postures for pain relief.

2. “I’ll just wait for the pain to go away.”

Many people take the approach that if they ignore it the problem will go away. This unfortunately, never works. Not only do problems that subside often return, but people who compensate for existing problems often have secondary issues that arise.

3. “It’s too expensive.”

People often think they don’t have or want to spend the money on physical therapy. PT is a much less expensive, long-term alternative to expensive surgeries, medications, and injections.  We also utilize Care Credit and have an incredibly discounted cash pay program for non-insured people. Check out our available payment options here.

4. “Surgery or medication are my only options.”

PT has shown to reduce or eliminate the need for surgeries, medications or injections in the case of shoulder, back, hip and knee pain. In addition, of these 3 options, PT is the only one that is non-invasive and has no side effects (unless you consider feeling great and not taking drugs a side effect)

5. “Physical therapy is painful.”

PT is sometimes referred to as “Pain and Torture.” This is a misnomer. The goal of PT is to return people to their proper movement patterns, and this can only be done by reducing or eliminating pain. We utilize manual techniques and exercise strategies that don’t cause pain to achieve lasting changes and results in terms of improved movement and activity tolerance.

6. “I’ll just take care of the problem myself (or use stretches I found on the internet.)”

Out PT’s go to school for 7+ years, are experts in human body musculoskeletal  problems that cause pain, limited movement and deteriorate your body. Exercises are a critical component to wellness, but PT’s tips and cues as well as their education and hands on skills combine to create real lasting results.

7. “I need to go to my doctor to get a prescription for PT.”

Idaho is a Direct Access state and allows you to see a PT first for your aches and pains. If collaboration is needed with your doctor or if a referral is needed by your insurance company, we’ll help you get that and work closely with your trusted medical team to get you pain free and prepared to handle your issue on your own in the future.

8. “PT is only for after surgery or accidents.”

PT is not only used after surgery or accidents. It is also for any movement dysfunction! Overuse or chronic type injuries, bad balance, poor posture, unexplained aches and pains and difficulty walking are greatly helped with PT, and PT is often a great way to prevent future injury.

9. “I’ve been in pain forever and i have an MRI that says I’m wrecked”

Our PTs know how to address and impact chronic pain and stop it through both hands on treatment and gentle and relaxing exercises. Also, there is absolutely no correlation with pathological MRI findings and pain or inability to heal and improve. We have helped thousands of patients recover and get back to life despite having abnormal MRI findings.

10. “PT is just a bunch of exercise.”

Physical therapists actually use manual (hands on) techniques, education, walking/running training, postural instruction, and a myriad of other treatments including modalities (things that make your muscles and joints feel good) along with exercise to help people maximize their function.

The bottom line (See what we did there? ;D)

Now that we have debunked the common excuses for not seeing a physical therapist, what are you waiting for? The top-rated clinic is North Idaho, Pinnacle Physical Therapy, is only a phone call or click away. Schedule an appointment today – call 208.777.4242 or schedule online now.